Album Premiere: Hexecutor – ‘Beyond Any Human Conception of Knowledge…’


The last time we bowed to the ripping thrash of France’s Hexecutor, we barely lived to tell the tale (HERE). Now, two years later, the Rennes-based quartet — comprised of conspicuously named fellows like S. Chainsaw-Maeströr (bass), Jey Deflagratör (vocals, guitar), Joey Demönömaniac (guitars, vocals), and Putrid Vön Rötten (drums) — are back for the fucking attack with new album, Beyond Any Human Conception of Knowledge…. Philosophical as it may sound, there’s nothing ponderous about the Rennes-based quartet’s second album. From the start of “Buried Alive With Her White Silk Dress” to the ending notes of “Kroez Er Vossen,” Hexecutor’s thrashing blood lust knows no bounds.

Say Hexecutor from an ancient Gallic mud pit: “We went beyond any musical boundaries we felt we set ourselves in the past, and further into mixing our different influences. With this double concept album (this album and the next one), we intend to explore some topics we cherish deeply.”

And with that, be ready for Hexecutor’s brutal (yet varied) French assault on Beyond any Human Conception of Knowledge…. It might just be a Top 10 album for some Decibel staff, if the wind and moon have their karmic way this year. Will it be on yours? Stream to find out fellow heshers!

** Hexecutor’s new album, Beyond Any Human Conception of Knowledge…, is out September 25th on Germany-based indie Dying Victims Productions. Order CD, LP, and other Hexecutor accessories by clicking HERE.