Full Album Stream: Proscription – “Conduit”

Press play on Conduit, the debut album from Finnish death dealers Proscription, and prepare to descend into total darkness. The new project of guitarist and vocalist Christbutcher—formerly of Finnish blackened death outfit Maveth—Proscription play the sort of blackened death metal that can best be described as sinister.

As the eerie ambience of intro “Four Wings Within the Samiel” fades into the massive opening of “I, The Burning Son,” Proscription show off their penchant for riffcraft, combining lurching, dissonant death metal with eerie doom and cold black metal in a package that succeeds in achieving both atmosphere and songwriting.

The mix and master on Conduit elevates Proscription among many of their peers. Handled by Dave Otero, each instrument is clear without compromising weight or density (case in point: “To Reveal the Words Without Words”). In a crowded playing field, Proscription and Conduit are not to be missed. Listen to the album in full below and grab it via Dark Descent.