Track Premiere: Corrupt Moral Altar – “You Smell Expensive”

Photo by Ryan Fallon

Corrupt Moral Altar feature Napalm Death live guitarist John Cooke, and the similarities don’t end there. No, that’s not to say they’re a clone of their British brethren. Rather than musical mimicry, these progenies adopted a similar attitude, planting their flag beside their predecessors in the grindcore bedrock — and have spent their career cracking it open and letting the lava spew forth. “You Smell Expensive” is the latest such concoction and comes from upcoming EP Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things.

The viscous sludge is laden with death metal (after all, lava would kill you), but its movement is unpredictable. At times it spits and splatters with seemingly no regard for predictability. At others, it flows with the sass emblematic of noise rock, all the way down to the biting lyrics.

Cooke speaks on that intersection of the words and the world within which they reside.

“As the planet feels like it has become more brutal and surreal we offer a song to echo those sentiments: a nightmarish kaleidoscope of media confusion, normal people trying to be kind in a cruel world while fantasizing of its demise and the smell of certain political leaders. Presented for your consideration, ‘You Smell Expensive.'”

Pre-order the EP on vinyl, CD or digital download on the APF Records site. Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things is out November 27.