Track Premiere: Chamber — “Visions of Hostility”

Photo by Errick Easterday

Even in the context of a record that deftly and repeatedly reconfigures and re-imagines sonic brutality in myriad ways “Visions of Hostility” stands out as a particularly potent and nasty metallic hardcore anthem.

That’s right, friends: Cost of Sacrifice, the debut full-length from Tennessee riff-slinging world-obliterators Chamber, may not be out until October 23, but we’ve got some hot, fresh, exclusive damage for your cranium right fucking now.

“’Visions of Hostility’ is definitely one of the most aggressive and direct songs on the record,” guitarist Gabe Manuel tells Decibel. “We wanted to write a song that was shorter and heavier overall to break up the chaos of the first half of the album a little bit. Jacob and I wrote the lyrics together about our similar experiences growing up with absent/abusive fathers. This is definitely an angrier and more confrontational song than we usually write, and it brings some variety to the otherwise pretty chaotic first half of the LP.”

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