Video Premiere: Repuked – “Shitfister” (NSFW)


Shitfaced Swedish death metal gang Repuked formed in 2007 and reigned gnarly terror with down-tuned, gut-churning depravity for eight obscene years. Now, after five years of relative peace and quiet, the Stockholmers have returned with an instantly-infamous new collection of low-brow, knuckle-dragging, coprolicious violence.

Dawn of Reintoxication comes out October 9th on Soulseller Records. Today Decibel stands complicit with Repuked as we unleash this NFSW deluge of scatological horror upon our unsuspecting viewers. According to the band, their song “‘Shitfister’ is a filthy song we’ll probably use in our live set, because it’s not very advanced.” They continue, “We don’t really like lyric videos, it kind of reminds us of TV shows for kids back in the day. When there was some dude doing loud story reading to still pictures. So we tried to add some fun stuff to watch instead of just having the cover artwork and lyrics bouncing around for the whole song.” See what they mean by “fun stuff” below. 


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