Ontario doom-duo Vile Creature host interactive record-release concert tonight!

We all miss concerts, and the million little idiosyncratic rituals that come with a night out at a venue. Tonight, two-piece experimental doom metal outfit Vile Creature aim to bring you back as close to that experience as you’re gonna get from your couch by presenting “Glory, Glory! Live!” – an immersive “pick your own path” style record release concert. At 8pm EST, they will be performing their newest LP Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! live in full, in an interactive concert experience they promise to be “unlike any livestream / live video you’ve ever seen…”

In addition to teasing these interactive elements, this concert boasts a few familiar features from those far away memories of attending live events: doors are an hour early, you pay the door person when you arrive (and they won’t turn you away for lack of funds!), and there’s even a merch booth with limited edition vinyl and a screen-printed event poster for sale, which you can access after the show. According to Vile Creature, “The songs will sound familiar but be very different,” and since chances are you won’t be standing in a pit other than your own living quarters any time soon, this is your absolute best bet to experience this show the way guitarist/vocalist KW Campol and drummer/vocalist Vic Creature were hoping to put in on for you in the flesh this year!

How does this work, and what makes it special? According to a post from the band, “There will be adventures for sure! A lot of what goes on will be up to your own choi… decision making skills! Where will you stand? For how long? How does it end?” It all impacts your experience!! You can get a glimpse of the time and thought they’ve put in to rounding out your evening’s adventure by clicking through the RPG-style landing page of the website where tonight’s event will be going live here.

I won’t spoil any surprises, but it looks to be a very fun night filled with ugly, harrowing sludge and more than likely a few cats (Vile Creature have six honorary feline bandmates plus a pupper, and they’ve been slyly sourcing fan submitted animal videos via their socials for weeks). The self-described “slow & heavy two-piece with anti-oppressive and fantastical leanings” are no strangers to ambitious concepts (see: their last LP!), the duo will be archiving tonight’s event for future viewing over the next few weeks, but they stress that the experience will be totally different live.

If you’re as bored with the never-changing scenery as I am, you might not want to miss this one. There are no advance tickets needed, you pay as you arrive. Door price is $7, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds and as always: donations are welcome! Dig deep and finance some skint soul’s attendance.

Released June 19 on Prosthetic Records, Glory! Glory! Apathy Took Helm! was named one of the 5 must-hear sludge releases from 2020 by our own Vince Bellino:“Depressing sludge is on the menu, but it’s tempered with soft piano, organ and choral vocals on the album’s final two tracks, “Glory! Glory!” and “Apathy Took Helm!” Lots of bands try to pull off this juxtaposition, but few do it so well.”

Still on the fence with how to fritter away your Friday night? Have a listen to “When the Path is Unclear,” which debuted right here on our site, and bask in the brutality you can expect to hear tonight. We’ll see you there, don’t crowd the merch booth!

If you can’t make the show but still want to support the band, Decibel suggests snagging a copy of the new Vile Creature LP from Prosthetic Records on Trans Pride inspired vinyl, opaque white with Blue & Pink splatters, now entering its third pressing!

Attend tonight’s event here.

Doors at 7pm EST, show at 8pm sharp (no punk time!)