Track Premiere: Fawn Limbs ‘The Vermin Massif’

Transatlantic progressive grindcore trio Fawn Limbs have only been around since 2018, but, goddamn, they sure sound like seasoned veterans on the new track from their sophomore LP, Sleeper Vessels. Maybe that’s because their pedigree includes former members of Psyopus, Commit Suicide and Artificial Brain. Anyone into the aforementioned acts (and/or prime era-the Red Chord) should immediately tune into “The Vermin Massif.” Wait. Read what vocalist/guitarist Eeli Helin has to say about the track below, and then go have your ears blown off.

“‘The Vermin Massif’ was one of the more difficult tracks on the new album to write and execute, mainly because of the middle section based on a constantly evolving rhythmic pattern, really strange time signatures, and the higher tempos,” says Helin. “The end result is something partly left field for us; an absolutely annihilating and abrasive track with actual melodies and guitar doublings. The ending in particular, is one of the finest details on the album, and also the reason to why we’re exceedingly happy with this one, and why we wanted to lead with it in advance.

“Lyrically, ‘The Vermin Massif’ is a single narrative about abuse, and the relationship preceding that.” he continues. “It’s an inconsolable glance into how love as a concept has a negative undertone to it, and how it can lead into bleak situations with an inconceivably abysmal outcome. And since there most likely will be someone reading these lyrics and identifying with the subject, know that you have the means the cut yourself free, you have the right to escape and seek help.”

Sleeper Vessels will be out September 18. Pre-order the album will be out on vinyl through Roman Numeral Records in the U.S and through Wolves and Vibrancy Records in Europe, the CD through the band and Dark Trail Records and the tape through Sludgelord Records.