No Corporate Beer Reviews: Dark Truth Stout

Beer: Dark Truth Stout
Brewery: Boulevard Brewing Co. (Kansas City, MO)
Style: Stout – Imperial/ Double
9.7% ABV / 60 IBU

Boulevard Brewing Company has a good thing going with its core line-up of beers if daydrinking is your style. The focus with the Kansas City brewery’s year ’round line-up and seasonal releases is easy-drinking styles: pilsners, wheat beers, festbiers, plus a range of lower ABV sours and radlers. But Boulevard’s calling card is really its Smokestack series of bolder, stronger, barrel-aged beers and higher ABV styles. It’s not as much of a Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde situation as you might think—the Smokestack beers are essentially a second Boulevard core line-up for thrill-seekers. Go big or go home, right?

Props to Boulevards’s Tank 7 saison and its exceptional Belgian quad The Sixth Glass (you don’t want to drink six glasses of this); both of these are airtight recipes and showcase how fluidly Boulevard can move between styles. But pound for pound, the best non-barrel aged beer in Boulevard’s Smokestack series is Dark Truth, a punchy imperial stout with bold chocolate notes and a bit of espresso/ chicory bitterness. Like the rest of the Smokestack series, it’s very modestly priced for a beer of its class. Sure, you might get a little fat drinking these nearly 300-calorie wonders, but you won’t go broke.

In short, it’s a very well-balanced imperial stout, with four types of malt (barley, wheat, rye and oats) and a hint of fruitiness and funkiness from the introduction of Belgian yeast. Dark Truth is sort of a global citizen because there’s German hops in there, too. Best guess is that it’s the Hallertau hop, a variety that is widely exported and known for its pleasing bitterness. If anything, the bitterness is what sets Dark Truth apart—it clings to the palette and lets you experience the smoky finish. You can’t handle the truth. You want answers?! Reach for a bottle of Dark Truth. In cervisia veritas.

For more info, check out Boulevard Brewing Co. here.