Track Premiere: Unruly – “Unruly Family”

Unruly Album Cover

Every horror film has a scene where tension escalates to bat-shit, irreversible danger. The debut record from New Zealand sludge fiends Unruly embodies that short-fuse explosion of deadly consequences. A new project including members of Meth Drinker, Unruly is a timely soundtrack for bad-breaks and wrong-turns. Decibel has exclusive access to the scathing sludge of “Unruly Family” ahead of the record’s July 31st release from Sludgelord Records.

“Unruly Family” begins with a queasy lead riff and genre-appropriate stabs of feedback. It’s ominous, but the tension seems controlled. Once the song’s central hook starts pummeling around 40 seconds in its like the bloodbath floodgates open. The thick guitar tones chew up ear drums and leave you feeling like butcher-shop leftovers. Fans of Noothgrush and Grief will listen to “Unruly Family” and immediately beg for seconds. Luckily, there are a couple other singles already streaming. You’ll have to wait until next week to hear the rest of this crushing record, though. Like this song, the album’s visceral impact is elevated by just the right amount of bleak melodicism. Unruly’s self-titled debut his a head-turning record for fans of exemplary muddy-gutter sludge.

“Our namesake song “Unruly Family” is a tribute to an infamous family of British travelers whose beach-littering escalated into becoming a shit-storm of a media spectacle during the summer of 2018,” says the band. “Upon being confronted about their littering and foul language, they told the do-gooders to get fucked and tried to fight them. The song’s lyrics are an account of the harassed family’s exploits as they proceed to tour the country’s summer hot-spots, gas stations and cheap motels leaving a trail of destruction in their wakeincluding crashing and abandoning a rental car, and the theft of a Christmas tree.”

Stream Unruly’s new single below before the album’s release on July 31st. You can also snag a pre-order copy from the link below. But first, press play and smoke primordial hash with Unruly.

Pre-order Unruly’s eponymous LP from Sludgelord Records HERE