Track Premiere: Soulrot – “Deceiving Tyranny Manifesto”

Since forming seven years ago, the Chile-based death metal trio known as Soulrot have pushed their brand of bone-scraping, old school death metal with a consistency and command seldom seen in the underground. Over the past few years, Soulrot have moved toward a more socio-political stance with their death metal. Beginning with 2019’s All Hail the False Kings EP, their chainsaw riffs, bludgeoning battery and neck-snapping tempo switches now carry the weight of true modern horror.

Soon Soulrot will release their sophomore album, Victims of Spiritual Warfare. Today we’re pleased to provide our readers with an exclusive peek at what’s coming from Chilean death metal trio Soulrot.

“‘Deceiving Tyranny Manifesto’ is inspired by many stimuli present throughout our lives: pollution and chemical control of what we eat, corporations taking social decisions and politicians defending popular purposes, but lying and deceiving to obtain their own benefit. In this endless cycle of lies and deceit, we see time and time again how we normalize and even unconsciously instill these ideas of how the world works in our own children. We believe that one of the key points to be able to break this circle is education, the main tool to question human nature and the current world order. Only in this way we can bring down these false kings who believe they have the right to impose their own form of order on us. Musically, we wanted to deliver a song with lots of rhythmic nuances, catchy lyrics and riffs, inspired a bit by that ecological message from Obituary’s World Demise and danceable Napalm Death rhythms without losing that sinister and dark classic Soulrot essence.”

“Deceiving Tyranny Manifesto”

Get Victims of Spiritual Warfare on July 27 from Memento Mori.