Track Premiere: Sensory Amusia – “Death”

Hailing from balmy Australia, Sensory Amusia are the target market for Aborted’s “Tropic Vision” merch collection. The board shorts, flip flops and more reference 2018 album Terrorvision, and Sensory Amusia riff on the Belgian-based band’s sound.

“Death” comes out of the gate blazing and blasting with drums from Kevin Paradis, who also plays in Benighted. There’s a grindcore intensity to the death metal fury, while the vocals manage to keep up with and even elevate the cacophony. The Amenta’s Cain Cressall adds his voice via a guest spot. Though hardly a reprieve in the traditional sense, a late song groove approximates a slightly speedier Gojira.

Hear the ferocity in the player below, then scroll down to pre-order the latest effort from the Perth project.

The Bereavement EP is out August 20 via Lacerated Enemy Records. It can be pre-ordered via their Big Cartel or Bandcamp.