Track Premiere: Same Gods — “In Circles”

On Worried Eyes ex-members of Freya, Another Breath, and Of Fortune and Fame come together under the moniker Same Gods to summon the spirit of 90s post-hardcore — think Handsome, Shift, Failure, etcetera — out of its too-early grave to strum, hammer, emote, soar, and slay once again.

In other words, it’s a throwback in all the best ways — and we’ve got an exclusive premiere of the track “In Circles” ahead of the album’s July 10 street date. (For info on ordering, visit the band’s official website. Images by guitarist Brendon Flynn and check that logo courtesy Decibel art director Mike Wohlberg.)

“The lyrics for ‘In Circles’ were inspired by winter in Upstate New York,” vocalist Jon Davis tells Decibel. “I noticed a pattern when I looked back over the years at demos of songs that made the cut and they were all written between January and March. There’s a time just before spring when you’re not sure you can take it anymore. You’re sick of drinking the gray days away, you’re sick of your friends, there’s no end in sight, you’re spinning concentric circles around the drain. So naturally, trapped indoors with nothing else to do I write almost all of my music — including ‘In Circles.'”