Track Premiere: Verval – “Een leven tussen één en nul”

A year and a half ago, we premiered Verval’s debut album Wederkeer on our weekly Demo:listen column, which we deemed “a living black metal record” for all its “running, leaping, soaring [and] defying [of] everything you […] thought a black metal record could do.” Now the Utrecht, Netherlands-based duo have returned with the first peek at their latest work.

Beeldenstorm, Verval’s new 3-song EP, comes out on July 24 on digipak CD (self-released by the band) and on pro-tape from Canadian label Tour de Garde. With a captivating and violently-rendered abstract expressionist painting by Joost Vervoort, Beeldenstorm reestablishes the fact, three times over, that there are many unexplored, fascinating corners of black metal out there, and few bands explore them with as much poise and aplomb as Verval. 

“‘Een leven tussen één en nul’ (Dutch for ‘A life between one and zero’) is the first single from the new Verval EP entitled Beeldenstorm (Dutch for ‘Iconoclasm’), which is set to be released on July 24th. On Beeldenstorm, and with this track especially, Verval explores interpersonal relationships in the context of the prosperous digital age. Musically, the Beeldenstorm EP stays true to its nature when compared to the band’s earlier work, yet it presents a more aggressive, raw sound.”

“Een leven tussen één en nul”


Preorder Beeldenstorm on digipak CD from Verval.