Track Premiere: Dkharmakhaoz – “Ascension”


Dkharmakhaoz may emanate from the Eastern Country of Belarus (or, Byelorussia if you’re fancy) and their music may offer [Arnold] Schoenbergian madness (think the black-hearted love child of Marduk and Gorguts), but the root of all their evil comes from Vedic theories of creation, evil, and death. While not a fully-fledged Vedic philosophy, Dkharmakhaoz apportion the more appropriate motifs for their bidding. To wit, in the song “Ascenion,” between the angular and strident musical Westernisms, a female voice sings out forlornly. Whatever is her lyrical topic, chances are she’s probably emoting for the appearance of Rudra, “The Roarer.” Or, maybe Dkharmakhaoz have other theological designs–mostly likely to celebrate acts of turpitude–of Vedic order swirling in their chaotic din.

The track “Ascension,” appears on new album, Proclamation ov the Black Suns, the band’s debut for Germany-based indie Iron BoneHead Productions. Some may describe Dkharmakhaoz’s black metal as “levatational,” others may liken Dkharmakhaoz’s abstract Belarusian blasts as hard lessons in chromatic calculus as informed by the complicated vagaries of putting Vritra on the altar of worship. Whatever Dkharmakhaoz are, they’re not for the faint of heart. Nor, are they for the traditionalists out there, who often forsake experimentation in music and thought, even if it’s rooted in the oldest evils on the planet.

Says the duo of Dkharmakhaoz in alternating sentences: “The time when the Chthonic pleasure will lead you to transcendental awareness of the great nothing and the gods without names turn dissolved in the vortex of Mahapralaya. You will be so pleased to unconsciously follow the sweet Siren’s vox through the endless halls of the universe and take lethal disease with the last kiss of voidness that gift you an ecumenical ancient pain. You will be thankful for the sufferings and the Knowledge you got. You will leave your quintessence in the place where you start the supreme transformation and feel the body of the entity who gives you enlightenment. But there is no flesh, only darkness in the air, only cold light of yours between the black suns. What has been important to you before? And what will be the ascension for you once you breathe the chaos?”

Refresh, regenerate, reignite! So proclaim Dkharmakhaoz on “Ascension.”


** Dkharmakhaoz’s Proclamation ov the Black Suns is out July 31st on Iron BoneHead Productions. Order digital HERE, while physical will be available at Iron BoneHead’s online store HERE.