Track Premiere: Red Mesa “Disharmonious Unlife” (feat. Wino)

Red Mesa

New Mexico heavy blenders (rock, metal, psychedelic) Red Mesa have returned after a two-year gap. The last time we heard Red Mesa rattle the primordial volcanoes that lay on the outskirts of their hometown of Albuquerque was on 2018’s The Devil and the Desert full-length. Now, back and better than ever, the Mesans–Brad Frye (guitars, vocals), Roman Barham (drums, backing vocals), and Alex Cantwell (bass, backing vocals)–have a new album, The Path to the Deathless, dropping on June 12th, again through Desert Records.

Featuring five vocalists and guest musicians, The Path to the Deathless pulls no punches as it careens heavy and weird down Highway 66 on its way, via an indirect path, to The Haunted Hill to hear the ancient, disembodied screams and howls before a chilling stop at Dawson Cemetery in the cemetery-only town of Dawson. Indeed, Red Mesa have found in friends Dave Sherman (Earthride, Spirit Caravan) and Scott “Wino” Weinrich (appearing on “Disharmonious Unlife” below) to spread out the heavy.

Said Scott “Wino” Weinrich: “I was excited and honored when Roman [Barham] asked me to theme and sing on a track that would be on the new Red Mesa record. ‘Disharmonious Unlife’ was born out of a lifelong feeling of apprehension, a dark foreboding of something dark approaching, and the humble excitement of having opportunity to help bring positive change. Now, in the miasma of a weaponized virus and orchestrated fear, we look inward for strength and inspiration, and as always seek solace listening to and creating music and vibrations of life and love. Dark times call for strong medicine. The Path to the Deathless is magically appropriate for these times, this is a kickass record, made by great people. Grab it!”

Roman Barham adds: “It was an absolute honor having Wino apart of our album. He has always been a big music influence on me and continues to inspire. His lyrics are very powerful on ‘Disharmonious Unlife’ and he laid down some great solos to make the song absolutely crush. Much love and respect to my friend Wino.”

“We had anticipated being able to have Wino guest on one of the tracks on the album,” Alex Cantwell concludes. “After crafting the parts of the song and gelling then together, we agreed that this was the one. We demoed the instrumental tracks, and sent it off to Wino, and held our breath. When we got the finished track back we were enthralled! Blown away with his lyrics and heartfelt performance on the song, and also with the adventurous use of an e-bow on four different solo sections. The song is an anomaly as lyrically, there are no verses and choruses. It’s just Wino getting real over our riffs and song structure. What he added couldn’t have been conceived by anyone but him, and we are very happy, and proud, and honored to be able to broadcast this song out into the world.”

Get real (heavy) with Red Mesa, Wino, and “Disharmonious Unlife” now!

** Red Mesa’s new album, The Path to the Deathless, will be released on Desert Records on June 12, 2020. Fans of heavy, psychedelic metal can get their copies via Bandcamp (HERE) or directly from Desert Records (HERE).