Track Premiere: Luctum – “Theriomorphic Divinations of Heiress Nocturna”

Featuring members of Ænigmatum, Diabolic Oath, Uada and Shroud of the Heretic, Luctum, formerly called Grieve, formed in 2014. For the past six-plus years the members of Luctum have crafted and slowly brought their debut album to screaming life. With the release of the album’s first track, “Neglect,” the world came to know of Luctum. Now we bring to our readers this exclusive premiere of “Theriomorphic Divinations of Heiress Nocturna,” track 5 from Ashes of the Titans, Luctum’s forthcoming debut full length. 

According to Q, Luctum’s vocalist, “Following the storyline of the album and the descent of the listener (victim) into nauseating emptiness, ‘Theriomorphic Divinations of Heiress Nocturna’ refers to ‘…a dead woman who leads her victims into a castle of eternal euphoric torment, a transcendental ascension from human consciousness to bestial existence by moonlight.’”

“Theriomorphic Divinations of Heiress Nocturna”

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