Exclusive Premiere: Dead & Undergang split 7”

The long overdue split 7” between Danish death metal goredozers Undergang and raunchy German grindcore trio Dead has finally arrived like some two-faced tumor-child from the orgiastic grinding and crushing death metal copulation that is this split. Underground Dutch powerhouse Seed Of Doom Records handled the release alongside dismembered Danish counterparts Extremely Rotten Productions; the record is available in three different colors, but that won’t be true for long.


On “Missile to Uranus,” Dead’s avuncular grind-grooves chop with infectious brutality. Meanwhile, with “Blodhøst,” Undergang offer up easily their wettest-sounding song to date. Seriously there are flatulent noises all over this. You’ll not know whether to bang or shake your head. How did we end up here? 

According to Undergang’s Facebook, posted earlier this month: “… ‘Blodhøst,’ was originally written a[nd] recorded a few years back [for the] first time […] in the infamous Phlegm Studio in 2017, then re-recorded in Mayhem in 2019 with our current line-up, guaranteeing sublime putrefactive sonic secretions fitting for this split.”

Dead & Undergang

Get the split from Seed Of Doom Records and

Extremely Rotten Productions and Dead.