Blast Worship: Snagg

Where they from?
Houston, Texas, which is also colloquially known as “H Town,” a rather unimaginative nickname but we’ll spare them the criticism we would save for other cities. Did you know Robocop was filmed in Houston? Oh shit, I actually just looked it up and it was filmed in Dallas. Damn, there goes my entire paragraph on the city of Houston. Oh well, uh, what else? Your baseball team cheats, I guess? Does anyone even really care about that? I’m a pretty big sports fan and I honestly couldn’t care less if Jose Altuve and Co. were banging on trash cans in order to win a World Series. Live and let live, it’s the Houston way.

Why the hype?
I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve covered a BIG OL’ DUMB GRINDCORE band and that’s exactly what this group is: The musical equivalent of when you and your friends used to pee on rocks in your gravel driveway and then throw them at each other. You used to do that, yeah? I can’t be the only one, right?

Also as far as I can tell this is a guitraless band as it features simply drums, bass and vocals. Normally this sort of setup is saved for powerviolence bands who are trying to show how edgy having a liberal arts degree can be (I believe the term is Barrista-core), but the good boys in Snagg have no time for artsiness, as their priority is to muck about in the Neanderthal waters of primitive grind to make as much brutal soup as possible. So, no noise interludes, no Werner Herzog samples, just poorly recorded (but properly executed) moron grind for your reptilian brain stems.

Latest release?
Demo 2020, released in… 2020. This album really proves how important samples are to grindcore EPs. The opening sample, which I have hunch might be wrestling related, opens the proceedings with just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek, self-aware faux toxic masculinity, that by the time the closing sample comes in, a slowed-down country song with fatalistic lyrics, the irony of the music has come full-circle several times already. This is what should be taught in schools instead of, I don’t know, calculus.