Album Premiere: Neige Morte – ‘IIII’

For 11 years now the French black metal trio known as Neige Morte have terrorized the global underground with their frenzied and violent approach to the dark arts.

“We started to think about this 4th album right after the release of our previous record TRINNNT,” the band relates. “We wrote the songs ‘Svart Hål’ and ‘HLCST’ quite early and the rest of the album just a bit before the recording.

The band goes on to explain: “We decided to record IIII with our friend Bruno Germain (who also recorded our first two albums… ). He’s based in Lyon, France and is used to our sound and needs. The recording took place at the venue called L’Epicerie Moderne (but they were not involved in the process, Bruno works there and can access the venue, that’s it). Drums, bass and the first layer of guitars [were] recorded live during the first two days. Then a second layer of guitars, vocals and additional percussions (on the track ‘Svart Hål’) on the 3rd and 4th days.

“We mixed the album ourselves (the guitarist/vocalist did, but the rest of the band gives input and validates the process),” the band adds. “As for the mastering, we also did it ourselves due to a lack of time and possibilities. We’re used to DIY and are comfortable with it. But we also know the limits of it and will do differently for the next album.”

Neige Morte says: “We reached another level with our music and self-development on this new recording. We like this new path and we’ll follow it wherever it leads us.”


With artwork once again executed by Hugues Le Corre, IIII comes out May 15 on Division Records.

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