Track Premiere: Ænigmatum – “Despot of Amorphic Dominions”

The Portland-based quartet Ænigmatum, featuring members of Azath, Blood of Martyrs, Torture Rack and more, formed in 2017 seemingly with the intention of pushing themselves as musicians while simultaneously figuring out how to weaponize technical black/death metal. Last year they released their self-titled debut album. To this day Ænigmatum remains the sickest album of 2019 that nobody talks about. This time around, Ænigmatum have prepared a warning.

“While maintaining the melodic aspects present on our debut, with this new material we’re exploring darker atmospheres and even more sinister themes to take the listener on a wild ride full of twists and turns,” the band writes. “Adorned In Wrath is a two track demo that serves to give a glimpse of our forthcoming sophomore full-length.

“The song ‘Despot Of Amorphic Dominions’ is an exploration of purgatory told through an unborn soul ascending through different planes of existence,” the band continues. “Through the power of grief, the unborn molds and enslaves those who cannot endure.”

“Despot of Amorphic Dominions”

Out May 22, preorder Adorned In Wrath now.