Video Premiere: Skam – “Prison of Skin”

A month ago we warned you about the combustible energy contained within Skam’s debut album, Sounds of a Disease. But allow us to reiterate: Based somewhere in Sweden, Skam are a solo mission dealing in violent and grinding extreme metal, somewhere between if Craft had decided to play grindcore instead of black metal and early Nasum on a meth-fueled killing spree. In short, Sounds of a Disease rips off faces and grinds them into the gutter with a cruel and gnarly boot heel 13 times over. 

But today we have the privilege of hosting the video for one of those face-rippers. Below you will find the video for “Prison of Skin,” from Sounds of a Disease, the debut album by Skam, out now on Redefining Darkness Records. 

“The video was filmed on a non-existent budget with little to no experience—it was made on pure faith that we could get it done…” says Skam’s sole member, M. “‘Prison of Skin’ expresses the downward spiral of numbing mental pain with physical pain in search of meaning. There is no truth to be found there… The title itself is a bit of a tribute to the band Skitsystem—can you figure out the connection?”

“Prison of Skin”

Order Sounds of a Disease now from Redefining Darkness Records.