SKAM Smashes All Solids to Liquids

For fans of violent, raging chaos and noise: Sweden’s latest heavy export is your new prescription. SKAM creates a blindingly heavy mix of death metal, black metal, grindcore and their country’s proud crust tradition (e.g. Anti-Cimex, Skitsystem, Disfear) to generate their upcoming album, Sounds of a Disease. Think if Anaal Nathrakh was more into D-beat and less into using electronic noises in their material, and you’d be pretty close to what SKAM has to offer.

Check out “When Liquid is the New Solid” below. The band will be making the digital album available via Redefining Darkness Records on April 3 for $1. They want to make it easily available for people in need of catharsis and healing, as their way of trying to mitigate the crisis of metal health: “We hope you enjoy and are able to expel some of your own demons through this listening experience.”

So for those of you who need a good rage, take a few listens to the song below and call SKAM in the morning.