Video Premiere: BlackLab — “Forked Road”

However wild you imagine the churn and magic of a cauldron operated by a self-declared “Dark Witch Doom Duo” might be, up your expectations before checking out Abyss: The sophomore full-length from Osaka, Japan’s BlackLab is raucous slab of ultra-fuzzed out riffage, mesmerizing, and sometimes barely harnessed chaos that somehow synthesizes bits of Motorhead, Orange Goblin, Black Flag, and Melt Banana into one vibrant amd unique whole.

The record is out via digital on May 9 with a physical release delayed by COVID-19 to May 29, but Decibel has an exclusive premiere of the lyric video for “Forked Road” below.

“Due to COVID-19, all our UK tours and live concerts in Japan have also been all cancelled,” guitarist/vocalist Yuko Morino tells Decibel. “We really miss live shows. Let’s keep on rockin’ with this song while at home! This lyric-video was totally D.I.Y. Shot, photographed and edited by us and our recording engineer Jun Morino, while I drew the subtitles myself.”