Track Premiere: Funeralopolis – “Witchcraft Horror”

10 years ago Funeralopolis released their ungodly heavy demo …Of Death. Three years later saw the release of their EP, …Of Prevailing Chaos, and then, save for the release of two compilation albums, the Funeralopolis line went silent.

Now, just as suddenly as they disappeared, the Swiss crushers have returned with …Of Deceit and Utter Madness, 10 new crushers of imposingly hostile death metal with severe doom tendencies. The long awaited debut album from Funeralopolis will finally drop on April 27, but we’ve got an exclusive track premiere for our readers today.  

“Due to several circumstances, one of them being that we are lazy fucks, it took us very long to get …of Deceit and Utter Madness finally done, more than 7 years to be fair, and some songs on it are already older than that,” admits Nico, Funeralopolis’ bassist. We also wanted to be fully satisfied with our debut full-length, so some songs took very long and evolved a lot over the time. ‘Witchcraft Horror’ is the last one we wrote for the album, and as far as I can remember, we had it done really quick, also while recording. Note that we did drums, guitars and bass all together live in the studio. We just did several takes of each song and took the best ones in the end. ‘Witchcraft Horror’ was done really quick, because it’s maybe the most straightforward song on the album. Thematically, the lyrics on the album all deal in some way with madness and various mythological forces that are associated with wreaking havoc on the victims’ minds. ‘Witchcraft Horror’ in particular was influenced by ideas about witches and witchcraft during the witch hunt craze in the Middle Age. It deals with a witch abducting unlucky travelers and destroying their minds and souls with psychedelic drugs.”

“Witchcraft Horror”


Get …of Deceit and Utter Madness April 27 from Memento Mori.