Video Premiere: Enterprise Earth – “Scars of the Past”

Enterprise Earth just celebrated one trip around the sun for third LP Luciferous this week. The Spokane, WA deathcore band marked the occasion with a new live music video for “Scars of the Past.”

It starts out with eerie clean guitar, a genre staple, which continues underneath increasingly heavy chords. It’s a testament to the creepy nature that a little wave at the camera from vocalist Dan Watson goes from sweet to scary.

The track builds slowly, though the intense video suggests it’s at 100 from the get-go. The cuts are quick, as members flip around, appear in a cloud of miasma and generally wreak mayhem on the screen.

Everything really kicks into gear with a high-octane riff, accompanied by a kaleidoscopic effect on the performance. The breakdown throws you for a loop by beginning with brutal trem picking before the expected chugs batter you into oblivion.

The bands shed some light on the intense song’s meaning and how the video ties in.

“‘Scars of the Past’ is reflection. The pain of our past mistakes, haunting with a shadow of fear that the pain animates across the bare walls of the present moment. The meaning it holds is an anthem to recovery. Letting go of the pain and recognizing that the pain we experienced is what made us stronger. It’s a part of who we are.

“This video was taken at a sold-out show in Atlanta, Georgia. It was able to capture what the song and metal as a whole stands for. Letting go of the past and living life to the fullest in the present moment. If we could turn back time, we would do it again.”

Luciferous is out now via eOne Music. Pick up a copy or stream it here.