Album Stream: Akurion Mines Heart and Heartache on Come Forth to Me

It’s been a long, winding road for Montreal’s Akurion. Initially coming together after a lunch-time discussion between vocalist Mike DiSalvo and guitarist Rob Milley, the early loose and skeleton-like jam sessions have finally culminated in the band issuing its debut, Come Forth to Me. It’s an album that comes after eight years of tragedy, triumph, scheduling nightmares, other bands/projects, everyday responsibility and chronology’s non-stop forward movement. Since a good number of us have nothing but time on our hands these days, you can read more about the band’s trials, travails and tribulations in the latest issue of the magazine – available here – and get an advance listen to ‘em below. Today, we present a stream of the long-awaited album (set for release on 4/10, that’s tomorrow!) to not only chip away at boredom, but stir up a range of emotions while getting heads to bang and hair to whip.

Guitarist Rob Milley comments:

“In hindsight, now that it’s been eight years since beginning the writing of Come Forth To Me, I can say that this was the most fulfilling album I’ve had the pleasure of working on. The inspiration for this album came from personal hardships; death of family members, failed relationships with prior bands and people were the catalysts to a therapeutic way of expressing myself. So, an underlying feeling of sadness and sorrow can be heard throughout the album. I’d say the mantra was to write and craft music that was solely for our own satisfaction and that meant the process had no deadline to complete it. We worked on a song sometimes for almost a year to ensure we were 100% happy with the results. And for the recording, our mantra was to play and record all the instruments at the same time in one room to capture the human feeling between Mike, [bassist] Oli [Pinard], [drummer] Tommy [McKinnon] and myself. This also was done without following a metronome/click track, so it has a human feel instead of a robotic feel. Each song you hear was a one take start to finish from all four of us. Naturally, we did extra overdubs after to enhance it, but what you hear is the actual live representation of Akurion.”

Come Forth to Me is available from Redefining Darkness Records

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