Track Premiere: ACxDC – “Copsucker”

ACxDC play powerviolence: music as blunt as that statement. The blazingly fast stuff is over before you know it. Hell, if you started “Copsucker” before reading this, there’s a good chance it finishes before you do. Seriously, press play and start reading again.

There’s a good chance you’ll restart the song when it’s done anyway. Bursts of anti-authority fury are interrupted by ferocious drum fills. Blastbeats quickly take over, with the song seesawing between those sections and tom-led grooves.

The grunt that ends the song might even win over some fans of death metal.

These California blastards have always nodded to the Dark Lord—their name stands for Antichrist Demoncore, after all—but here focus on a different kind of devil. The band’s penchant for fun runs from their name to the Kanye West nod in the title Satan Is King. However, vocalist Sergio Amalfitano explains the lyrics to the directly titled song as no laughing matter.

“Anyone that supports cops, politicians, judges, military, dictators, nazis, fascists and generally authoritarians of that ilk are copsuckers. Bootlicking of any type other than BDSM is for posers. Firefighters are chill.”

Satan Is King was recorded and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio, with Brad Boatright handling mastering. It’s out May 15 on Prosthetic Records and can be pre-ordered here.