Track Premiere: Chris Alexander — “Shock Waves”

Chris Alexander is easily one of the most fearless, imaginative, and iconoclastic world-builders currently operating in the worlds of cinema, and music. And when it comes to conjuring the magic and menace just beyond the veil, the man is damn near peerless.

As Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy told us a few years ago about working with Alexander on the film Queen of Blood: “What I like about Chris is that he not only has a vision, but, more importantly, he actually has the balls to follow through on it. His scope of knowledge regarding film is massive, but he uses that knowledge as a foundation to build on, not a library to mimic.”

Which brings us to Body Double, Alexander’s forthcoming sexy, nightmarish follow-up to 2018’s They Drink Your Blood. (Pre-order here.)

Today Decibel not only has an exclusive sneak preview of the track “Shock Waves” — which Alexander aptly describes to us as “a pumping doom-synth death disco rock anthem for Satanic dance-floors” — but also the album cover art by Eric Adrian Lee.

The background:

The fourth studio album from filmmaker and composer Chris Alexander is Body Double, a nine-track collection of dark, neo-industrial, ambient/electronic analog synthwave rock. Heavy, dirty and atmospheric giallo music for dark nights and black gloved killers. Featuring percussion work by Toronto drummer David Bertrand, who also functions as the other half of Alexander’s touring band. All other instruments – synth, guitar, bass – by Chris Alexander. The album is produced by Alexander.

The cover art:

And now the jam:

For more information visit the respective online repositories of Alexander (official/Twitter/Instagram) and Lee (official/Instagram).