Full Album Premiere: Häxanu – ‘Snare of All Salvation’

These days stateside black metal multi-instrumentalist Alex Poole stands as one of the world’s elite black metal magi. His uncompromising approach to creating exclusively final form black metal albums combined with his prolific output and philosophical creativity represent the pillars of his genius, but there is something else. Something sublime yet common in all of his works. Simply put, Alex can riff.


Häxanu’s debut album, Snare of All Salvation, out tomorrow on Amor Fati, is 45 minutes of nonstop killer black metal riffing. The album was recorded at MSK01 & Acéphale and mixed at Acéphale and Afgrundsmysticism Studios. Joined by vocalist L.C., Poole seems to have held nothing back in bringing Snare of All Salvation to life. According to the album’s promo materials, Snare of All Salvation derives its themes from “the comparison of alchemy to . . . humanity’s attempt to build and ascend the Tower of Babel.” In other words, engage this one as deeply as you like and you will find it there, ready to shred you apart and scatter you far and wide.   

Snare of All Salvation


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