Full Album Premiere: Noroth – ‘It Dwells Amongst Us’

On their forthcoming debut, It Dwells Amongst Us, out April 10 on Caligari Records, Noroth drag out and clobber you with 8 colossal tracks of raw and rumbling death metal. With its dank cellar atmosphere and its timeless approach to relentless aural slaughter, there’s no guessing when Noroth recorded this album-length demo, but surprisingly It Dwells Amongst Us is modern.

“We are inspired by the sicknesses of humanity,” Mike, Noroth’s founding member writes from quarantine in Seattle. “Lyrically [It Dwells Amongst Us] deals with the darkest things our species do unto our own, other species and the natural world. We pull more inspiration from crust punk than typical death metal in that regard. We are very anti-authoritarian. No gods, No masters . . . Musically, we are inspired by innovators. Bands like Immolation, Death and Morbid Angel. We don’t want to just recreate something someone else has done.”

“I started the band after years of writing riffs that I could never use in grind and punk bands,” Mike says. “My friends Biaggo [bass/vocals] and Itzhak [drums] moved out from Philly and NYC. And they had never done a serious project or never gotten a chance to play this genre.  So they were stoked to be a part of it . . . We all live in Seattle and plan on traveling to as many places in this world that we can. Assuming that will still be an option going forward.”

Mike goes on to say, “I wanted [It Dwells Amongst Us] to be bleak and crushing. To reflect our dark lyrics. It came out as I imagined. Been listening to death metal for 25 years and just wanted to create something that could stand the test of time. And not be a carbon copy of something else.”

It Dwells Amongst Us 

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