Album Premiere: Freeways ‘True Bearings’


By Freeways (LINK),

“August 29th, 2014. It’s 6:30 a.m., the alarm goes off. It’s 7:30-ish a.m., you finally wake, rush to shower and grab the bare essentials, a change of socks, shirt and underwear. You spend an hour driving around the suburban home base of Brampton, filling the car with like-minded maniacs and prepare for the grueling six-hour straight-line drive to Montreal for the second addition of the Wings of Metal festival. You speak of the glory of the previous year’s sets by Satan and Manilla Road. A few hours into the drive, boredom sets in. You inevitably begin arguing about the greatest bands of all time, you and a friend wind up on the same side of the argument, both boasting an undying love for the flawless and timeless Thin Lizzy. You begin to brainstorm a band combining your mutual love of Thin Lizzy and Rick James.

Some weeks and months pass. A few songs pop into your head and start to take form. You text your friend; ‘Amar, I’ve got a couple tracks, just like we talked about, let’s do this’. You call the guy who was the best guitarist at your high school; ‘Dom you want to be in a band?.’ ‘Yeah.’ You ask the drummer you already play in another band with if he feels like playing in a hard rock band. He does. Thus Freeways was born.

Six years later, an EP, an album, several trips through Ontario, Quebec, the American Midwest, and a small dipping of the toes into Germany and the band is situated perfectly where they belong. Spending every waking minute after punching out writing, rehearsing, recording, gigging and camping until the bitter end.”

Indeed, with Lynott’s blessing from above, Roth and Schenker’s well wish from the terrestrial, and Liebling’s late’-70s maloiks from down below, Decibel hereby presents the best damned heavy metal band from the Great White North! Here’s Freeways new album, True Bearings, in full-blown jean-jacket glory!

** Freeways’ new album, True Bearings, is out April 2nd on Temple of Mystery Records. Pre-orders from Freeways’ Bandcamp page are HERE.