For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Testament, WVRM and WOORMS

What’s up, guys? Since we’re all basically stuck inside (not everyone of course) it’s that time to let you foos know about some new releases. In all seriousness, this COVID-19 pandemic is bad, but at least it’s not the bird flu, amirite? Anyway, hope this column gives some much needed relief to any readers. So, let’s get into it shall we?

It’s only been four years since Testament’s last effort, but enough about that, I’m here to talk about their latest Titans of Creation on Nuclear Blast. So, what about this? Anyone that knows this band knows that they are one of the front runners of the bay area thrash movement. Testament has been around FOREVER, and that doesn’t transfer here on this record. A band that has been around and put out as much material as Testament has typically come across as stale or tired, and that is certainly not the case here. Titans of Creation may not be Testament’s best effort, but is certainly their best effort in a number of years. There are elements of mid era Testament and some outright thrash that could fit along in any of their first three records. The recording here is crisp and clear and seems a little stiff at times but not so much that it detracts from the overall sound. I gotta say, this birdbrain hasn’t been a huge fan of their last couple of records, but this is surprisingly good. Here’s to a speedy recovery Chuck, so you can tour this record. 8 Fucking Pecks

A band I’ve been “crowing” about for a bit now, WVRM from SC is releasing their first full length Colony Collapse on Prosthetic. This is grindcore, BUT here’s the deal… There’s not a huge music scene in SC, so WVRM doesn’t sound like anyone but WVRM. This is equal parts punk, equal parts sludge, equal parts metal and equal parts WVRM. I’m pretty stoked on this and excited this band is finally getting some much deserved attention. My one gripe is that the recording here is a little sterile, not that it’s bad, because it’s not, the recording is still intense, but not pecking nasty enough for me. Anyway, I dig this. Well done. 8 Fucking Pecks.

Another band I have been beaking stoked for is WOORMS from Baton Rouge. Pigeonholing Twitching as Prey is a little difficult because although they are a “sludge band”, there’s ALOT going on here. Heavy and weird, sludge/noise/doom/punk band WOORMS harken back to the days of the early Melvins. This is no droney landscape with the occasional burst of feedback like most doom, this is firmly rooted in rock, and rock they do. In short, this record kicks beaking ass and you’re a silly person if you miss out on these guys. Look for them in the future, as I see some great things ahead. Also, AMAZING packaging by Sludgelord records. Beak yeah! 8 Fucking Pecks.

Well, you guys stay safe and healthy out there! Waldo OUT!