Blast Worship: Martha’s Got a Limp Wrist

Where they from?
Their Bandcamp profile claims they are from the western suburbs of Chicago. There’s always this weird argument about how you shouldn’t say you’re from that city if you’re actually from the suburbs, because there’s a certain “gravitas” associated with being FROM THE ACTUAL CITY rather than growing up in the suburbs. Ugh, like anyone gives a shit. Who are these fucking geography police? I’ll tell you who they are, they’re a bunch of hipsters who are just as self-conscious about being the suburbs as the people they are attacking. It’s like if the Starbucks in Greenpoint were to start protesting against gentrification. Kudos to this band for being proudly from the fucking suburbs.

What do they sound like?

Why the hype?
Recently there have been a slew of bands from Chicago (AND SURROUNDING AREAS) making waves in this, the Bandcamp era: Shrivel Up, Born Backwards and Bifid Corpse just to name a few. It’s cool to see a slight ‘Chicago sound’ developing, one that borrows heavily from the recent wave of Midwestern HYPER GOREBLAST bands (Sulfuric Cautery, that other band, etc.) but injects the gore-soaked proceedings with a healthy amount of punky powerviolence!

Which brings us to Martha’s Got a Limp Wrist, a grindcore band not afraid to have fun! I really appreciate the dichotomy between the pitch-shifted vocals and the standard tuning guitar riffs that alternate between classic Infest and early Daughters. It’s like a real mish-mash that gives the music this sort of zany quality, like you dyed spaghetti squash with rainbow food-coloring and threw it your apartment wall. But in all seriousness, this band really does a good job of blending some of the crazier aspects of goregrind with powerviolence in a way that really makes them stick out.

Latest release?
Their split released a few weeks ago with a band called Gutsack. I failed to mention earlier how much this band makes the snare pop, also another holdover from the gore influence. Honestly this sounds like a bunch of friends having the time of their life in their Mom’s basement, and really, in these turbulent times, what more can you ask for? This band is rockin’ the suburbs, just like Quiet Riot did.