Video Premiere: Voices of Ruin- “Carved Out”

Anytime is a good time for melodic death metal. Which means now is a good time to unleash the new video from Ontario, California’s Voices of Ruin, “Carved Out.” The song boats a crisp, clear production reminiscent of modern Dark Tranquility, Kataklysm and Soilwork. All the hallmarks are there for fans to feast upon: melodic riffs, a catchy chorus, and throaty harsh vocals.

According to vocalist David Barrett:

This song is one hell of a banger that is sure to get your blood moving! With its vicious guitar riffs, infectious chorus, and a pummeling rhythm, this tune is a crushing death metal anthem that you’ll want to put on repeat!

Indeed, the bridge and solo are especially ripping slabs of metal! For anyone interested in the song’s message, Barrett goes on to say that:

It tells the story of a deranged stalker that is enraged by his failed life and grotesque image. He sees others who are attractive and living their “perfect” lives and this fuels his rage. He hunts them down and carves out their eyes – leaving them trapped between life and afterlife.

The band’s new album, Path to Immortality, comes out on April 24 via M-Theory Audio. You can pre-order it at this location.