Video Premiere: Cognitive – ‘Fragmented Perception’

Photo: Matthew Colomiet

New Jersey tech-death beasts Cognitive released their third album, Matricide, last year via Unique Leader. In a year stacked with big-name and underground releases, it went overlooked but it’s time to revisit the release with the music video for “Fragmented Perception.” The track is a pummeling, brutal chunk of death metal made darker by the lyrics and content of the video, which both revolve around mental illness and suicide.

“I wrote ‘Fragmented Perception’ when I was in a dark place mentally,” vocalist Shane Jost says. “I felt trapped in a cycle of mundanity. Wake up, go to a job I despise, come home with no energy left to do things I actually care about. That stagnant life style eventually boiled over into a midnight surge of adrenaline and panic. I wrote the lyrics to the song in that frenzied state, while my mind was still racing.”

“It was a pleasure working with Eric Dicarlo (Square Up Studios) and watching Jon Rainey (Discovery Channel’s It Takes a Thief) act out the story part of the video. We wanted to go for a Groundhog Day vibe with the story while the performance video lighting was meant to be dark in the video, to represent the hard, dark times we all face going through life. It’s not easy or pretty but it’s very real.”

Check it out below. Matricide is out now.