Idle Hands + Broken Goblet Brewing Beer Collaboration Announced for Decibel’s Metal & Beer Fest: Philly

Fast-rising Portland-area metallers Idle Hands and Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest presenting brewery Broken Goblet have teamed up on a beer inspired by “Nightfall,” the opening track on Mana, Idle Hands’ 2019 debut album. You can say hello to your old friend darkness in the form of Nightfall, a limited edition Russian Imperial Stout collaboration debuting at dBMBF Philly on April 3-4 at the Fillmore!

“The source material almost screamed ‘Imperial Stout’ from the minute this collaboration was mentioned,” says Mike LaCouture, co-owner and lead metalhead at Broken Goblet. “Idle Hands captures almost everything musically that we at the brewery are into right now, and we wanted something to convey their raw power, their direct and no-bullshit attitudes, and their purposeful omission of added fluff to the music. This style of beer is simple, it’s powerful, it’s complex… it made total sense, and [Idle Hands frontman] Gabe [Franco] has been really fantastic to work with on this. It’s amazing to have an actual beer person on both sides of a brewery-band collab””

“It’s such a unique opportunity for us,” seconds Franco. “We had a great time working out the concept and flavors with the very knowledgeable people at Broken Goblet, and happy to be included on dBMBF, where we will unveil our creation next month.”

If you wanna sample Nightfall, you’d better get moving, because the “Metal & Beer” ticket option that entitles attendees to pours from all 19 breweries at the festival, is down to just 30 single-day passes and all two-day passes are sold out! Don’t abstain—get your tickets below!

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