Track Premiere: Nerve Saw – “Life Goes On… Not”

Nerve Saw photo

After Finnish death-fiends Nerve Saw first revved up in 2010, Markus Makkonen (co-founder of Sadistik Forest, and ex-Hooded Menace bassist) channeled early-’90s death metal on the Call of the Casket EP. While most of that cassette was packed with lumbering rhythms and muscular riffs, “We, the People” foreshadowed the project’s shift from Obituary’s meat ‘n’ taters death metal to a union of crusty punk beats and Swedeath buzz. With Nerve Saw’s debut LP Peril prepared to shred eardrums in late March, their new single “Life Goes On… Not” is now streaming from Testimony Records.

“Life Goes On… Not” is a down ‘n’ dirty throwback to extreme metal’s genesis from the filthiest forms of street punk. After the distorted bassline crawls from the song’s initial ooze, there’s a mix of OSDM and HM-2 hardcore like Trap Them. But Nerve Saw proudly display their penchant for caffeinated rhythms and snarl-along choruses once the song’s blood-thirst takes over. By the time the track concludes with a queasy breakdown, “Life Goes On… Not” convincingly introduces the listener to Nerve Saw’s aesthetic mutation. Like Autopsy’s Chris Reifert revels in the allure of punk-as-fuck attitude in his side projects, Nerve Saw have redefined their own sound on Peril. This new single and its title are far more than a potential Garth Algar joke.

Get buzzed from Nerve Saw’s intoxicating hybrid of death metal and hardcore punk by streaming their new single below. Feel the Peril mounting before the album’s release from Testimony Records on March 27th.

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