Track Premiere: Aara – ‘Telôs’


Mysterious Swiss black metal act Aara are nearly ready to release their second LP in 13 months. Their debut for all the always quietly excellent Debemur Morti Productions, En Ergô Einai, further builds on the modern atmospheric black metal foundation established by Altar of Plagues, False and early Deafheaven. You can experience the whole shebang yourself when its released on April 3. In the meantime, we have the LP’s epic closer “Telôs” available for your earholes starting right now… or starting right after the band provides this valuable play-by-play of the piece.

“With the last song of the album the lyrical concept finds its end in ‘Telôs.’ The lyrics tell of illusion and chaos in the man-made world and are based on the realization that the goal and meaning of life lies in the experience of the pure moment. The song begins with a choral piece that reflects the heroic ideal of the goal (Telôs), which man tirelessly hunts on the journey of self-discovery. It is interrupted by a raw but hopeful part, which embodies the realization of reality. More and more a melancholic and hymnic melody breaks through the surface. A moment between despair and acceptance. A last rebellion sounds before the choir of the beginning repeats itself again and ends the album.”

Pe-order En Ergô Einai in North America here, and in Europe here.