Track Premiere: Enepsigos ‘Confess’


“As violent as it is, ‘Confess’ is one of the more direct tracks of the album, but all the way filled with ritualistic atmosphere.” This quote from Enepsigos netherworld leader Rituul is both purposefully hyperbolic but surprisingly apt. For “Confess,” one of several songs polluting indelible minds the world over off Enepsigos’ new album Wrath of Wraths, finds itself on the heaviest end of black metal. In some ways, the Norwegians from south of Oslo have a bit of Stockholm in them. The guitars are imbued with grit, heft, and a heavy helping of distortion. The rhythms are similarly barbaric. In many ways, “Confess” blends classic HM-2 brutality with the razor-sharp melody of bands like Vinterland, Sacramentum, and Mörk Gryning.

Bring on the virgin son! May his name add up to 644… Or, revel in Enepsigos’ prophetic entropy. We’ll opt for the latter.

** Enepsigos’ new album, Wrath of Wraths, is out March 27th on Osmose Productions. Pre-orders for LP, CD, and t-shirt bundles are HERE. Acquire now before the demon of Enepsigos shape-shifts into the moon and waxes with her ancient spells!