Full Demo Stream: Sarcator – ‘Visions of Purgatory’

It’s a great sign for extreme metal when bands keep popping up that are comprised of teenagers obsessed with old school underground death. And fewer bands prove better that the future of metal is in safe and capable hands than Sweden’s Sarcator, whose founding guitarist, Mateo Tervonen, isn’t just some 14-year-old kid, he’s Marko Tervonen, guitarist of The Crown’s 14-year-old son.

Awesome metal trivia aside, Sarcator shred with the force of a much more experienced band while simultaneously pumping enough young blood, fresh soul and bright-eyed creativity into the mix to keep not only interesting, but mandatory. Combining a measured and impressively mature take on aggressive melodeath with the ferocity of Teutonic thrash, Sarcator have forged a sound demanding your immediate attention. Thanks to stateside tastemaker Redefining Darkness Records, Sarcator two demos, released last year online, will soon be available on one killer cassette tape compilation entitled Vision of Purgatory. 

“This is a compilation of our 2 digital demos, now in the storied and ever-classic physical cassette format!” remarks the band. “You’ll hear the old school influences in these songs that are mainly inspired by German thrash groups like Kreator, Sodom, and other classic black/thrash stuff! Our lyrical content follows a similar recipe, except for our Grindcore song, ‘Sepulchral Noise,’ that has a cream bun recipe as lyrics. We really look forward to releasing new stuff and showing everyone how we plan to take the music further! Thrash ’til Death!”

Visions of Purgatory

Preorder Visions of Purgatory right now from Redefining Darkness Records.