Full EP Stream: Skumstrike – “Execution Void”

Montreal metalpunks Skumstrike have been on a steady quest for crusty, speed metal domination since their formation in 2017 and they leap closer to their goal with the release of new EP Execution Void. Five tracks of faster-than-hell, vomit-encrusted speed metal, Execution Void is an all-killer, no-filler affair, ripping through power chords, D-beats and solos with impunity.

Hailing from three corners of the world—Montreal, Singapore and Ireland—and citing influences from Vomitor and Sodom to Boston hardcore punk legends The Rival Mob, Skumstrike distill their sound to the basics. Execution Void is a significantly more metal-driven EP than 2018’s Pure Coercion. The riffs are more metal and more distorted, the vocals are harsher and the crust is filthier. The main thing that Skumstrike leave to be desired is more music: Execution Void is a five-song tape that clocks in around 15 minutes.

The Execution Void will be formally opened on February 14 via Caligari Records, but you can stream the whole shebang below.