Hot Graves: “We Thrive on Having Those Anthemic, Fist-Pumping Vibes”

You like death metal, right? Ok cool. You like black metal too, at least the atmosphere? Sick. Ok, so what about the attitude of thrash metal, are you cool with that? Awesome. Ok, last one, do you like crust … like did you have a punk phase in your teens and have a bunch of 7s” from that time? Perfect! Then you absolutely need to listen to Hot Graves.

Hot Graves is a loud, rowdy and evil collective of metal maniacs from Gainesville, Florida. And like any underground label should, Redefining Darkness Records is helping to bring these guys to a wider audience. We covered the band earlier this month with their track “Ruination Supremacy.” Below you can blast another one called “Haunted Graves.”

When asked specifically about their blend of all things raw and heavy, here’s what the band had to say:

When we formed Hot Graves, we melded the ferocity of hardcore punk with the speed-demon pace of thrash Metal, the thuggish brutality of death metal, and the abominable atmospherics of black metal. It seemed a natural fusion at the time, and at this point we couldn’t imagine it any other way. We thrive on having those anthemic, fist-pumping vibes coursing through every moment of every song.

I’m just surprised the band isn’t better known already. I mean for God’s sake, they have an album called Knights in White Phosphorus! Hah! They do a pretty sweet Anti-Cimex cover too, by the way. It doesn’t get much more legit than that, folks.

The Haunted Graves EP comes out on February 28 via Redefining Darkness Records.