Track Premiere: Arallu – “Vortex Of Emotions”

Arallu's En Olam album cover

The moon’s recognizable glare. The distant growl of a dark cloud heavy with storms. The sun’s dramatic ascent and the eventual funeral march of sunset. Israeli black/death battalion Arallu turn the spectacle of the sky’s daily routine into the backdrop of their new video for “Vortex of Emotions.” Whether it’s unforgiving desert and mountain peaks or thick swells of smoke, the video’s imagery captures the elemental and emotional heft of the track. Before the first stab of distortion bloodlets the song, Arallu have already beckoned a sense of melancholy with the incoming fog. While the song is a slower burn than most of the other songs on their recent En Olam album, “Vortex of Emotions” still embodies Arallu’s hybrid of melodic deathrash and sky-cursing black metal.

Now approaching 23 years as a project founded by vocalist/bassist/mastermind Butchered, Arallu’s unique blend of blistering extremity and regional influences results in some striking compositions on En Olum. The album’s atmosphere feels like a smoky battlefield despite an impressively polished production. Personal favorite “Devil’s Child” untangles a succession of razorwire riffs to emerge as a ridiculously catchy ripper. Traditional instruments propel “Prophet’s Path” before the rollicking “Unholy Stone” vanquishes the non-electric components to dust. Despite this video’s pensive approach and the effective crawling passage of “Trial By Slaves,” the album picks its opportunities to speed-blast as well. With over two decades of material to explore, if you haven’t heard Arallu it’s time to remedy that now.

En Olam was released in September 2019, but this video is a great reminder to check out the album, co-released by Satanath Records and Exhumed Records. Get ready to stare into the vortex of emotions conjured by Arallu’s new video by pressing play below.

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