Full Album Stream: Reaper – ‘Unholy Nordic Noise’

Following up their 2019 demo, Ravenous Storm of Piss, Sweden’s Reaper will soon unleash their debut full length. Accurately dubbed Unholy Nordic Noise, Reaper’s debut full length is a demonstration of total speed metal and d-beat destruction under the sign of the black metal mark.

Across its 12 tracks, Unholy Nordic Noise moves at hyperspeed through the fiery pits of hell, over wartorn desolation, and out into the mysterious beyond, and all in less than thirty minutes. If that sounds like a wild and overwhelming experience, you’re absolutely correct. With Duca the Impaler on bass, drums, and vocals, and Ityphallic Flaggelator handling guitars, and vocals, Unholy Nordic Noise makes for one hell of a ride. 

“Concerning the conception of the Unholy Nordic Noise album; it all went kind of fast really,” writes the band. “We recorded three tracks in the rough which was sent to Iron Bonehead who subsequently released it as the Ravenous Storm of Piss demo. Those tracks, the emotions and idioms they evoked then laid the foundation for the band and the now upcoming album.  Everything within its 12 track span, except intro and outro, is pure fury, spit, bile and speed. Just like it has to be, like it should be. A simple formula which spans over a pretty narrow battlefield of black-, speed- and death metal; Autopsy, Bathory, Slayer, Shizo, early Dismember… the good stuff.

“All material was written by the members of the band, Flaggelator (guitar and vocals) and Impaler (drums, bass and vocals). It was produced, engineered, recorded and mixed by a local, J.M.C., at our own ”The Birth of War” studios. Phil Kusabs of Vassafor/Blasphemy did the excellent mastering job.” 

Unholy Nordic Noise

Get Unholy Nordic Noise on CD and 12” vinyl from Iron Bonehead.