Blast Worship: Die Choking

Where they from?
Philadelphia, PA. Ummm, maybe you’ve heard of this place? Since moving to New York in the spring of 2018, I must admit that I do miss the metal/hardcore scene in Philly as I feel it’s definitely one of the most dedicated and passionate on the east coast. Yeah, a lot of cool bands will play in Brooklyn, but where else are you gonna go to a banger-ass false grind show on a Tuesday night and see man in a chicken costume crowd-killing alongside a six foot eight guy in a CDC hoodie? Definitely not Bushwhick, that’s for sure.

What do they sound like?
Spazzy, jazzy, techy grind with a bit of that east coast grit.

Why the hype?
Die Choking are one of those bands I have been meaning to write about for a long time and can safely say that they are universally respected on the eastern seaboard for being one of grind’s most musically proficient units that consistently releases excellent work. I really like them because they imbue their music with a sort of manic cartoonishness that you rarely hear out of bands coming from the United States. There a certain playful element of grind that very few bands tend to touch upon (think PSUDOKU or too a lesser extent Total Fucking Destruction) but it’s important that this small faction has their voices heard. Grindcore is inherently kind of silly and no one ever said that it couldn’t be… FUN! And that’s what Die Choking’s music is, endlessly blistering and intense but also fun and creative. It’s almost as if more band’s should try to explore the outer limits of their chosen genre!

Also, these guys totally rip live! Seeing this threesome attack their instruments with such precision and ferocity is one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in my 15-plus years of going to shows. It’s like if you gave everyone at guitar center a bunch of speed but also somehow taught them to be cool. Wild.

Latest Release?
Last year’s IV. I know we already covered this album when we included it our Top 40 albums of 2019 list , but we figured it deserved some secondary recognition via this column. Holy shit, is this thing good! IV builds upon the band’s already potent blend of jazzy techgrind maximalism by adding some truly unforgettable moments throughout the thirteen songs offered here. Foremost of these is “Chronic Hyperventilation,” which begins with a frenetically herky-jerky intro and somehow ends up with a powerful synth-rigg that sounds like it could have been a B-side off of “Pretty Hate Machine.” One of my favorite songs of last year from one of my favorite albums. If you’re not on the Die Choking train, now would be a good time to grab your ticket.