Track Premiere: Ensnared – “The Throne of Transformation”

The duo at the core of Swedish death metallers Ensnared are drummer J.K. and guitarist/vocalist H.K. who have played together since at least 2005, when they thrashed evil death in Gravehammer. 2020 finds the Swedish death metal duo set to release Inimicus Generis Humani, their sophomore album under the banner Ensnared, and once more joined by two other anonymous musicians. 

Recorded at Black Path Studios, Inimicus Generis Humani comes eight tracks deep, sounding simultaneously ancient and unimagined. If the masses are listening, Ensnared’s sophomore may arrive as quite a revelation.

“‘Throne of Transformation’ is about the uncanny and weird changes in human physiology, treated from a socratic and speculative religious point of view,” explains guitarist/vocalist H.K. “Soundwise it exemplifies all that Ensnared has ever stood for: heaviness, speed, melody and mood. To fall victim to the one on the Throne of Transformation, the enemy of humankind, is a most dire malediction, yet how does it come that humans in different remote parts of the world worship its incarnations in misshapen form?”

“The Throne of Transformation”

Inimicus Generis Humani comes out February 14th on Invictus Productions, and Dark Descent.

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