Album Premiere: Kawir ‘Adrasteia’


“Ancient Greek myths can be brutal and aggressive but also can be life lessons in today’s society,” says bassist/guitarist Therthonax. “Tydeus, for example, because of his anger, lost the gift of immortality, as he killed and ate the brain of his enemy, so gods were disgusted and let him die. So, some of today’s life lessons from that myth can be – you can’t escape your fate, even the best of us have weaknesses, and control your emotions.”

Greek legends Kawir know a thing or two about their cultural and religious history. They’ve been playing the back waters of magic and myth for almost three decades — the group sprung from the grave in 1993. Where as previous album, Εξιλασμός (2017), featured Kawir on the up, new album, Adrasteia is a defining moment for the Attica-based quintet. Not only is their “Greekness” pronounced to the fullest, but the songs on offer feel like they were hewn out of tombstones at Adrasteia and then amalgamated with the most ancient stone from the Temple of Hephaestus. This is black metal in its most petrous. That is to say, from “Tydeus” and “Danaides” to “Limniades” and “Medea,” Adrasteia exemplifies Greek-originated metal, the likes of which have no equal.

Hail to Kawir! Hail to 27 years of Greek black metal! And hail to Adrasteia!

NOTE: To skip tracks, hit the forward arrow button in the player.

** Kawir’s Adrasteia full-length is out January 10th on Iron Bonehead Productions. Pre-orders are not yet up but keep an gouged eye on the label’s Bandcamp site HERE.