Video Premiere: Morgan Rider and the Deep Dark River’s “Ignite the Tempests”

Toronto’s Vesperia is a band whose two full-lengths I may or may not have covered in my Throw Me a Frickin’ Bone column – you think you’d be asking the right person, but I can hardly remember what I did last week let alone x number of years ago, so you’re actually asking the wrong person. Regardless of whether or not Vesperia has come under that column’s sardonic lens, bassist/vocalist/keyboardist, Morgan Rider has branched out with another project deserved of attention, Morgan Rider and the Deep Dark River. Following the November release of the collective’s second album, Leviathan and the Deep Dark Blue, the band has already issued a pair of videos, the second of which, “Ignite the Tempests,” we present for your viewing pleasure today. Their description of the full-length goes a little like so:

Leviathan and the Deep, Dark Blue is a story of an oceanic guardian who has taken the form of a colossal grey whale. As the modern era of humankind takes its mastery of the seas, its powers ebb and its waters begin to sour and darken.”

And when we tracked Rider down for some low-down about the new video, here what he had to say:

“We are really excited to share with everyone our new music video for ‘Ignite The Tempests’! This is our first video of the decade and we couldn’t be more pleased start out on a high note. We would like to thank our videographer, Nathaniel of Muin Media for his hard work and to Decibel for making this opportunity possible!

“About the track itself, this is the most ‘metal’ song on the album as there are actual riffs and a more up-beat feel to it. The choruses are slower and doomier though and give a reprieve from the harder intro, mid-section and outro.
“Following the story of the track, enraged, The Tempest casts his full weight upon the shore-dweller structure – crushing it utterly. His throes ignite the storms of the oceans and his writhing withers the numbers of the loathsome shore-dwellers. With a titanous gale of might, he sends the waters in full force at the green shores – crushing the structures of the poisoning shore-dwellers, bringing ruinous death to their kind and drowning the lands for many miles.”

What caught our eyes/ears was the amount of Behemoth merch, the disappearing drum kit, that ridiculously uncomfortable looking guitar strap, that the set location looks likes a basement in Toronto’s famed ‘Graffiti Alley’ all backed by an injection of folk/Canadian roots rock into Scandinavian Viking metal and vocals that answer the unasked question “What if Vintersorg gave the fused DNA of Peter Steele, Mina Caputo and ICS Vortex singing lessons?” Not bad, eh?