Track Premiere: Nattverd “Slakt Dem, Der De Loeper Hodeloese Rundt Baalet”


“‘Slakt Dem’ is the culmination of the Ragde and melancholy that our new album holds!” is the quote we obtained from Nattverd‘s mysterious online presence three days after Christmas. Imagine the gall of the Bergenites to push such malicious, ill-conceived blasphemous noise just days after Jesus blew out the fucking candles on his sand-filled birthday cake for the 2023rd time. Well, Nattverd’s done it, and it couldn’t be more… how do they say it Aramaic? Ah, “Chedvah!”

As for Nattverd, they’re a mysterious bunch. While its membership of five strong have no given history — though Anders Kobro (In the Woods…) once played drums for the feral fellowship — they’re not ones to lay out the red carpet for information. Sure, they have noms de guerre like Serpentr (OK, cool the G.I. Joe jokes now!), AntiChristian, Sveinr, Atyr, and Ormr, their “God-given” names continued to be unpublished.

Not that it matters, really. Nattverd’s wicked black metal stands on its own, regardless of who’s who in the band. They write the kind of violent yet melancholic songs that made Norwegian bands the thing of legends. No need to name names here, ’cause Nattverd have the 1994 locked down, boarded up, and buried with the worms for it to matter much. Just check out new song, “Slakt Dem, Der De Loeper Hodeloese Rundt Baalet,” — courtesy of Osmose Productions — and feel the hate flow.

May Nattverd be our last sickening arrow into the edifice of Christ! May “Slakt Dem…” find its mark!

** Nattverd’s new album, Styggdom, is out January 31st, 2020 on Osmose Productions. Pre-orders for CDs, LPs (black, ice clear) are now live by clicking HERE.