Track Premiere: Zifir – “Empire of Worms”

Taking root thirteen years ago as a duo, the Istanbul-based black metal outfit known as Zifir (‘tar’ in English) have since grown into their own unique and formidable sound. After years of dwelling in the Eastern European black metal underground, the time has come to prepare the masses for the follow up to Zifir’s 2017 album, Kingdom of Nothingness.

Once again featuring the artwork of Russian artist Vergvoktre, Demoniac Ethics represents eleven tracks of Zifir at their most exacting and determined level yet. As the following track premiere demonstrates, Zifir’s members OnurÖnok (vocals, guitar), Nursuz (drums), Ilgar  (bass) together concoct a potent form of atmospheric and frequently drone-borne black metal that makes for a deeply immersive listening experience.

“‘Empire of Worms’ represents Zifir’s traditional stance on nihilism and anti-religious agenda,” writes Zifir, regarding today’s track premiere. “The lyrics portray the futile prayers of mankind when you’re buried and left to rot beneath the ground. The themes bridge between the worthless earthly life and the inevitable death and decay. Accordingly, the chaotic sound, propelled by an irregular time signatures in its main parts, carries the hellish sound into the grave.”

“Empire of Worms”

Get Demoniac Ethics January 24th from Duplicate Records.

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